Line up available

Hi Life Connection band

Who: 4 percussionists + Dj + 1/2/3 Mc (+trumpet)
Music: Samba reggae, Pop

Hi Life Connection Dj set

Who:Dj + Percussions + Vocalist
Music: Reggae, Dancehall 

Hi Life Connection Sound System

Who: Dj + percussions + 2/3 Mc/Vocalist (+trumpet)
What: Dancehall, Hip Hop, Reggae


The open project

...we were creating an "open music project" rather than a band,
where the "contamination" of styles and cultures was the key...

Master Kush

Primary Contact

To send feedback or to request a gig:
I.Com Multimedia
Italia, IT | Tel: +39 347 6006099
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