Danger cover by Joanna Tupta Danger cover

Hi Life Connection , out now with the new Hit “Danger” (Green Queen Music), with Mc Ma, Mc White Rose, and McBoomer (east London, from sublow studio) remixed by Madox (Mantra Records), Jumpin jack frost (d'n'b remix, London) and dj Adamus (Poland) followed by the album made up of 16 tracks (“Global Nation”, Green queen music published by Fairwood international): a travel between london suburb, through dancing" clubs with international musicians. A mix of Urban, reggae, hip-hop, breakbeat, downtempo sonority, produced by musicians and djs who brought their own creativity inside the Hi Life Connection, making his own original style.

Loop and musicians, mix which generates a Vintage sound, analogic, but mixed and distorted to create alternative and emotional frequencies, from breakbeat to raggaemuffin, from house to electronical style. Thanks to this "chemical-ethnical" reaction, the music of 'Hi Life Connection' is the land of eclecticism beyond the apparent reality of the notes, an alternative study of rhythm, space, time, concordances and dissonances.

The open project

...we were creating an "open music project" rather than a band,
where the "contamination" of styles and cultures was the key...

Master Kush

Primary Contact

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