Global Nation cover by Joanna Tupta Global Nation cover

A global world, where the identities of people seem by now disappeared.
No expression stolen by a “Deus ex-machina”, cruel, violent.
But the fire is burning in someone. They have not yet taken off the courage to express ideas.

The deep red of a flame is hard to die. This is the spirit of the new volume by Hi Life Connection, “Global Nation”. A one-way trip. Different genres, a common key: reggae. A vital frequency for the Hi Life. A leading thread for all the 18 passages included in the volume. It lands at dub, at breakbeat, at ragamuffin, at hip-hop, at electronics: the whole made up perfectly with a concentration of exciting sonorities, full and solid. “Global nation”, expected for February 2011. 18 pieces for 90 mns of a sound with massive vibrations, acoustic and electronic at the same time, live and sampled sounds coexisting and linked by decisively incisive, penetrating vocal “flows”. A volume against the ghettoization of music ! All this has been made possible thanks to the co-production with Trumen Records. A fellowship surely destined to confirm the Hi Life Connection definitively, owing to the professionalism and the experience of Trumen Records, Turin. A young label, but relying on years of experience both genuinely in recording and “one-night”. It is not by chance that Trumen Records in 2010/11 comes out as the leading label in the Italian panorama of reggae and hip-hop

- It has not been (says Kush in an interview) – only a studio job, since a proper network of human, artistic, technical resources has been created. A team of musicians, like a square, was that Trumen studio in which the only goal was artistic creation. Global Nation will be presented in February 2011. It will be a volume with so many surprises. A completely new sound. You will hear some Feats. Like the one with Lion D, Brave Justice, RVJ King, Luciouz, Omar Mrad. We will give a jolt ! In the meanwhile we are setting up the live. There will be Natty at the drums, me at the keyboards, R-Ras at the console, Cabò at the percussions, Giorgio at the bass, Cristian (the latest entry in the sphere of the Hi Life) at the guitar, Ma. Boomer and Earlz at the microphones, and Joanna Tupta as concept graphic for all the graphic communication of the project.

The open project

...we were creating an "open music project" rather than a band,
where the "contamination" of styles and cultures was the key...

Master Kush

Primary Contact

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