Elite Lounge

Elite Lounge Elite Lounge


01 Metro Lounge - The Chillout Connection

02 El Amor Que Me Das - Alejandra Lopez

03 Before Tomorrow - The Lounge System Project

04 The Move - The Groove Lab

05 On the Right Way - Jolstone

06 Suave Moon - The Chillout Connection

07 Black Level - The Lounge System Project

08 Fifth Floor - The Lounge System Project

09 Midnight Mint Tea - Ashma Ari

10 Nordic Lounge - Smooth Electric

11 Reason Behind - The Chillout Connection

12 Por Do Sol - Talita Johnson

13 Sleeping Secret - The Chillout Connection

14 Rio's Sun - The Chillout Connection

15 Days (Radio Edit) - Solange

16 Emotional Echoes - Hi Life Connection 

The open project

...we were creating an "open music project" rather than a band,
where the "contamination" of styles and cultures was the key...

Master Kush

Primary Contact

To send feedback or to request a gig:
I.Com Multimedia
Italia, IT | Tel: +39 347 6006099
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