Back 2 The Boogie

Back 2 The Boogie Back 2 The Boogie


01. Trouble (Intro)

02. Love

03. The Morning

04. B Boy

05. Bollywood Breaks (Apu Nahasapeemapetilon Theme)

06. Live Jazz

07 Torino Violenta

08 J.B. Tribute

09 Uno Momento

10 Jazz Down

11 Rugged Club Banger (Let's Get Dirty)

12 Get High This Breakbeat

13 Feelin'

1. Dj Dilla Tribute

15 Freeky Funk (Outro)

16 Torino Violenta (Dj Shocca Remix)

17 Torino Violenta (Superpeople Remix)

18 Torino Violenta (Hi Life Connection Remix)

19 Torino Violenta (Double Beat Remix)

20 Torino Violenta (Radio Edit)

The open project

...we were creating an "open music project" rather than a band,
where the "contamination" of styles and cultures was the key...

Master Kush

Primary Contact

To send feedback or to request a gig:
I.Com Multimedia
Italia, IT | Tel: +39 347 6006099
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